Custom Excel Solutions for Scaling Your Business

As your business grows, so does the need for tools that help you stay on track. We create Excel-based solutions that help you automate your accounting, finance, supply chain, HR, and sales processes. 

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We're Known for Excel. Our Customers Love That.

Wesley M.

I'm an entrepreneur - not an administrator. When it came to organization I had all my documents and systems scattered across software and my desktop, which was both expensive and inefficient. Simple Sheets created a custom solution using Excel that has overhauled my business and allowed me to do what I do best - grow the business.

Sabrina W.

Wow, this is truly a life-saver. By replacing our old Excel spreadsheets with a solution that connects important data points and highlights those in our dashboards, we have a central place for our KPIs. We are more focused and dynamic as ever with this new system. 

Brian H.

When my colleague recommended we look at a custom solution using Excel, I was hesitant because we have a complex system and lots of data. Their team showed me everything that was possible with Excel... it blew my mind. They've built us a wonderful solution that fits our requirements and in a timely manner so we could focus on utilizing it.

What a Custom Solution Can Do For You

Complexity happens by default.

Simplicity happens by design.

We have more business tools than ever, but that's only invited more complications in the way we work. The best-performing teams are intentional about streamlining their workflow, and creating systems that reduce administrative time and enhance Key Performance Indicators that drive the business forward.

We make systems that look and feel simple, but are designed with smart formulas, dynamic formatting, and enhanced visuals. The best part? It's customizable to your organizational standards and processes. 

Upgrade to a Custom Excel Spreadsheet

How It Works

  • Submit the Form With Information About Your Company and/or Project
  • Share the Systems and Processes You'd Like Implemented
  • We Work with You to Configure Features and a Timeline for Delivery
  • *Minimum: $1K spend. Refer to our Template Catalog if you do not reach the minimum spend.
  • Dedicated & Trained Excel Assistant For Automating Your Data Entry and Processes

Why Use Excel? 

  • Collaborative and Cloud-Based
  • Widespread use of Excel allows for easy adoption and onboarding
  • Replaces expensive software; no monthly dues
  • One-Time Cost
  • Powerful, flexible and dynamic to serve many different functions and businesses

Who Is It For? 

  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Fortune 500
  • Governments
  • Non-Profits
  • Companies looking to become more efficient and productive