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Learn how to convert a PDF file to an Excel Spreadsheet using converters that make it easy and free.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel Spreadsheet

compatibility excel tips file conversion pdf pdf to excel pdf to spreadsheet Jun 13, 2021

Often, we run into the problem of converting files into a format that works for us. Whether it be a video file compatible for YouTube or, in this case, a portable document format file or a PDF file with data we want to further analyze with Microsoft Excel. A PDF file format is commonplace among many businesses and schools because of its ability to maintain the integrity of the document making it secure from editing.

In this post, we're going to show you, step-by-step, how you can convert data from a PDF file to an editable Excel spreadsheet through the use of Microsoft Excel and an Excel Spreadsheet converter.

How to Convert PDF into Excel Spreadsheets Without Reducing Quality? 


PDFelement is the best PDF to Microsoft Excel converter, which can help you convert PDF files to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet without losing quality. What's more, it has an OCR feature that can help you convert PDF images to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. 

Step 1. Select To Excel to import PDF to Excel

Open the PDF file in PDFelement, go to the Home tab and press To Excel directly.

Step 2. Convert PDFs to Excel Spreadsheets

In the pop-up window, navigate to a specific folder you want to save the converted Excel File , and choose the output format to convert PDF to the different Microsoft Excel file formats. It can be from PDF to xlsx format or PDF to .xlx, etc. Click on Settings, and you can choose to convert each page to a separate excel sheet or convert all pages to a single Excel spreadsheet quickly and easily.

Create, edit, annotate, convert and more features in this software as well. So far, this professional PDF to Microsoft Excel converter software is the most cost-effective of all operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, and even iOS devices. This PDF modified software supports converting multiple files from PDF to Excel, including password-protected PDF files. In addition, you can set the preference of the converted excel files for a single sheet or multiple sheets.


  • Offers an affordable price for all users.
  • iOS and Android versions are also available.
  • Supports converting, creating, modifying and annotating PDF files.
  • The OCR feature allows you to convert scanned PDF files into editable Excel files with a single sheet or multiple sheets of your choice.

How to Convert from PDF to Microsoft Excel Without an Excel Converter?

Convert PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

 If you don't have an Excel converter, but you can open a PDF file with Adobe, there is another way to help you convert PDF to excel without a converter. 

  • Open the PDF file

Open the PDF document with Adobe Acrobat, go to the Tools option and choose Export PDF.

  • Export PDF to Excel

Select the output file type. You can select Different Microsoft Office-supported files such as Microsoft Word. Choose Spreadsheet > Microsoft Excel Workbook as the output format to export to the .xlsx file directly.

Other PDF to Excel Converters/Online Services

PDF Converter Pro 

PDF Converter Pro is another PDF file to Excel spreadsheets converter software with a smart engine. 


  • With the built-in OCR feature, you can easily convert scanned and image-based PDF documents to Excel.
  • The high quality and layout of its original content can be maintained well.
  • Supports processing multiple PDF files in one Excel.

 Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro 10 is close to PDFelement as a top and complete solution for handling digital documents, enabling you to convert, edit, merge, protect, view and sign PDF documents. 


  • Combine and merge documents of another format into PDF documents
  • Text, images and other elements can be modified easily
  • It can convert PDF files to many other Office formats besides Excel and vice versa
  • Excel documents can also be converted to images 


  • No version available for Mac
  • There is no mobile app

Cute PDF Professional 

Cute PDF Professional is another tool that provides advanced settings for controlling output files in the Windows platform. It simplifies your process to convert PDF to Excel in a much easier way to better preserve the document. 


  • Supports creating and modifying forms 


  • Creating PDF files is not available

Infix PDF Editor

 Infix PDF Editor supports the editing and creation of PDF documents. Typos in forms can be corrected during the convert PDF to Excel process. However, the lack of some helpful conversion tools makes it a less professional program. 


  • Editing and printing features are available 


  • It takes a long time to find and replace text when you are editing.


If you have difficulties performing data analysis, PDF2XL can be your choice; with this smart PDF to Excel converter, you can convert PDF documents to an Excel Workbook in .xlsx or .xls format and reduce human errors. 


  • The conversion speed can be 500 PDFs per minute
  • More than 130 languages supported
  • Copy worksheet into Excel files
  • Helps to extract data from files 


  • Only ten pages of each document can be converted by trial version

Corel PDF Fusion

 Corel PDF Fusion is a complete PDF File solution that can easily edit, create and manage PDF files. It supports most of the file formats and has a clean and straightforward interface for users to operate. 


  • Users don't need have a learning curve
  • Easy user interface
  • Supports multiple modes for viewing PDF file formats


  • There is no OCR tool

Online PDF to Excel Spreadsheets Service 

Online PDF converter service is the best choice to convert PDF files to Excel if you don't want to download any desktop converter. All you have to do is upload, convert PDF and download. It’s as easy as you can imagine. 


EasePDF is a rising star in the online PDF File format conversion area. Designed to facilitate every PDF user, EasePDF has more than 20 practical and easy-to-use online PDF tools, and all tools are 100% free. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG and other formats and create PDFs from Office and Image formats. Moreover, EasePDF also supports PDF compression, editing, merging, splitting, password protection, unlocking, etc. Now let's see how it works to convert PDF to Excel. 

Step 1. 

Open EasePDF on your web browser and choose convert PDF to Excel Service

Step 2. 

Upload your PDF file. There are three ways to add files. 

  • Click on the Upload file(s) button and choose any file on your local machine.
  • Drag your PDF file into the browser and drop it into the upload area.
  • Add files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel Online, or OneDrive. 

Step 3. 

Download the converted Excel spreadsheet. Once you upload your PDF file to the server, EasePDF will automatically convert it into an Excel .xlsx file. When the process is completed, there will be a download link on the results page. Click the Download button to save it to your device. You can also choose to save the converted Excel to cloud drives or copy the download link to share with others. The download link is available within 24 hours. 


  • 100% free
  • High conversion quality
  • Compatible with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
  • The download link is available for 24 hours
  • Batch transfer for free 


  • The converted table sheets do not contain the original title.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to easily convert PDF files to an Excel spreadsheet without pulling your hair out. With electronic documents slowly becoming a norm, mastering how to convert PDFs into Excel while maintaining all the data would definitely give you an edge in the office space. You can also annotate and review a PDF document with a tool like this GoVisually. The best part about some of these online converters is that, they're absolutely free! All you need is an internet connection and you can now create a new spreadsheet in just a few easy steps. The whole process just takes minutes! We hope this tutorial is useful! Check out our Excel University for 48+ lessons that will enable you to be your best Excel-self. 

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