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Planning Analysis
Excel and Google Sheets Template

Our Capacity Planning Analysis Excel Template helps you evaluate production capabilities at a plant or similar facility.Ā Equipped with pre-built formulas, dynamic charts, graphs and dashboards, you'll have all the data you need to evaluate your production capacity.
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What's Inside the Capacity Planning Template?

Details | 2 SheetsĀ 

Supported VersionsĀ | Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 (Mac), Google Sheets

Category | Supply Chain & Operations

TagsĀ |Ā Manufacturing, Rough Cut, Aggregate

Our Capacity Analysis Dashboard gives you instant insights into your capacity and operating planning

Inside Our Capacity Planning Excel and Google Sheets Template

Input your production data into the Capacity Data sheet. Accompanying charts and graphs will dynamically update, as will a field on the table that indicates the health of your capacity analysis by color in this Excel and Google Sheets template

Capacity Planning Analysis is an evaluation of the production capabilities at a manufacturing plant or similar facility. This template makes it simple. 

It’s also an evaluation of a factory, production process, line, or machine to determine its maximum output rate.

Our Capacity Planning Analysis Excel Template is one of our most popular supply chain and operation templates. If you love this template, you’ll also want to check out our Make or Buy AnalysisCost of Quality, Stoppage Analysis and Master Production Schedule templates.

There are two sheets in this template.

You only need to enter data into the Capacity Data sheet. Start by opening the Plot Area and changing the product names for up to five products.

Add operation standards like Cycle Time, Cavity, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), Package Area, Quantity in 1 Package, Available Space, Workers and Shifts. You can also set the Ok and Risk Capacity. The sample data sites anything between 85% and 100% ok.

In Row 11, update the Shop Calendar for the numbers of working days for each month.

For each product table, add the Demand, Working Days and Working Hrs/Day.

In the Capacity Review sheet of the Capacity Analysis Excel Template, graphs and charts update dynamically to reflect manufacturing operation rate, production unit per hour, space area rating per product etc,.

Typically in our templates, grey cells have formulas and shouldn’t be changed. White cells indicate your data is required for the formulas to spit out the desired results.

Once you’ve entered in all your data, the Operation Rate % among other metrics will be automatically calculated. 

As with all our templates, we seek to make your data come to life. With charts and graphs that update in real time, you get a clear picture of Accumulated Capacity compared to your Operation Rate, Overtime Operating Days, and Space Gap by month.

Sneak over to the Capacity Review sheet and a dashboard of six graphs will be on display.

Our goal is to help you turn your data into actionable insights. Our dashboards, graphs and charts help you identify and share trends that streamline manufacturing processes and save you time and money.

If that wasn't enough reason to get this template, did you know this template is compatible with Google Sheets? Collaborate with your co-workers in real time and enjoy the cloud auto-save feature of Sheets when you use this template!

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