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Meetings Organizer Excel Template

Never miss a meeting schedule for your business! Track and manage your commitments and company meetings with the Meetings Organizer Excel Template. Discuss with your team, enter your agenda, time, participants, location, and you're set to view your weekly schedule all laid out in a calendar format all in one page!

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What's Inside the Meetings Organizer Template?

Details | 3 Sheets 

Supported Versions | Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 (Mac)

Category | Small Business, Project Management

Tags | Weekly, Daily, Meeting, Notetaking

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Inside Our Meetings Organizer

Excel Template

Input meeting details such as date, time, participants, and location in the meetings raw data sheet of the meetings organizer excel template

If you manage a team, it’s super important to make meetings a priority. Meetings help everyone on your team align with your shared goals, create stronger relationships with your team members, keep employees engaged, and create better and faster decisions. That is why it’s so important that you’re able to organize your meetings effectively, and that ‘s where we come in. The good news to this too is that you probably already have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer; and that's great for business!

The Meeting Organizer template for Microsoft Excel, empowers you to always have a working copy of your meetings available to you offline -all saved in your computer, all the time in one page; no meeting apps required. View your weekly schedule in a calendar format, instantly seeing the dates where you have meetings and making sure that you and your business never miss a thing.

If you find this template useful, you’ll also want to check out our Gantt Chart, PDCA, Weekly Team Meeting, and Kanban templates. All of these templates help you make the most out of the powerful app that you already have in your computer, Microsoft Excel!

 To get started with this template, head over to the Meetings Raw Data Sheet. It's here where we fill in the pertinent details of our company gatherings. To start, enter the date of the event or the meeting. The date column is formatted to automatically show the day of the week, month, and year. Next enter your the team or participants involved or needed for the meeting or relevant individuals if you'll be inputting an appointments in the office. Input next the start time of the meeting schedule, then the meeting topics, any idea, or agenda items and location that you and your team discussed in your weekly meetings, and select a meeting priority level using the provided data validation drop-down list.

Once you're done fixing your scheduling, we can then proceed to the Meetings Calendar Sheet. Here we can see our calendar that spans the entire year. If you click on the Refresh Meetings Data macro button on the top left of the sheet, it will update your calendar instantly! Using the calendar, you can easily get a bird's-eye view on your weekly schedule and see your free times, appointments, and conferences all on one page. The weeks span from Monday to Sunday and if you'll notice, the actual calendar dates in the sheet contain formulas and conditional formatting and it's important to note to not input anything in any of the cells in the sheet unless you're absolutely sure that you want to manually write in your events or any notes or suggestions you might want to place in there. Just remember that changing anything in the cells will result in a broken reference.


View and track your meeting details in the meetings calendar sheet of the meetings organizer excel template equipped with automated formulas and conditional formatting

You also get a wide array of slicers that you can use to filter by team, time, and priority. Do note that manually entered notes aren't included in the slicers. Make sure as well that you set the rest days of the week for your company using the two white cells on the top right of the sheet. Because of the conditional formatting in place in the cells, the days in the table that contains events or appointments will get highlighted yellow. You'll also be able to see the meeting start time hour, the team or personnel required, and the agenda or topic in the calendar cells. Manage, track, and maintain your business! What are you waiting for? Instead of creating your own, download this Microsoft Excel template right now using the checkout below!

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