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Plan Do Check Act 

Excel Template

Our Plan Do Act Check Excel Template is a four-step model for carrying out changes. This cycle is one of the best ways to proactively make positive improvements to a process through testing and tracking.
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What's Inside the Plan Do Check Act Template?

Details | 8 Sheets 

Supported Versions | Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 (Mac)

Category | Project Management

Tags | PDCA, Cycle, Six Sigma

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Inside Our Plan Do Check Act Excel Template

In the PDCA Review sheet of our Plan Do Check Act Excel Template, you can easily view your PDCA cycle for different ongoing projects.

When they say business is a science, it’s only a science if you apply scientific principles to business. Plan Do Check Act is an iterative approach to testing a hypothesis and making the necessary changes based on the results.

Our Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Excel Template makes it easy to record and track your tests. Those tests can translate to improvements that level up your business and efficiencies.

While A/B testing is all the rage in product management and tech, this idea of testing is not a new concept. It’s traced back to 1620, though made popular by Toyota some 50 years ago.

Before we dive into how to use this Excel template, you may also be interested in project management and process improvement tools like our Gantt Chart and Kanban Board. Each can be used to streamline workflows across your company.

This is a four-step model for process improvement. Start from the PDCA List and fill out all fields - Project List, Project Code, Departments and Members List.

Navigate to the Plan sheet and enter the steps for each project. The data you filled out from the PDCA List sheet will be listed as options in the drop down menu for fields such as Person In Charge and Department.

Record the relevant steps for the Do, Check and Act sheet as well. Be sure to update your Completion percentage for each row.

The data from the Plan, Do, Check and Act sheets will automatically populate in the PDCA Guide and PDCA Review sheets.

In the PDCA Review sheet of our Plan Do Check Act Excel Template, you can easily view your PDCA cycle for different ongoing projects.
The PDCA Guide sheet documents all the steps within the PDCA cycle and whether the testing results in actionable changes or not.

In the PDCA Review sheet, you can access different projects by using the dropdown menu in F2. This gives you an easy way to see all the steps of each project.

The PDCA Guide documents all the steps in a more text-based approach, allowing you to select whether the testing resulted in a process that needs to be changed (yes) or stay the same (no).

The template shows sample data and diagrams, which you can easily clear to and upload your own information.

PDCA is an ongoing process, famously known as continuous improvement. You want to continually put things in this cycle to find where you have room for growth in your organization. While popular for manufacturing, you can use it for other industries such as healthcare, agriculture or tech.

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