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Farm Machinery Management 
Excel Template

No matter what kind of farmer you are, be able to track and stay on top of keeping your farm machines in tip top shape with our Farm Machinery Management Excel Template.
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What's Inside the Farm Machinery Management Template?

Details | 4 Sheets 

Supported Versions | Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 (Mac)

Category | Supply Chains & Operations

Tags | Maintenance, Scheduling, Service Tracking, Efficiency

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Inside Our Farm Machinery Management

Excel Template

Input your Production Operations Details. These will be used in other sheets of your Master Production Schedule Excel Template.

Gone are the days when you can joke around and say that a farmer is someone who is outstanding in his field. (Get the pun?)

To feed the hungry mouths of the world, the agricultural sector has adopted systems and methods to maximize output and efficiency. A huge part of this has been utilizing for machineries to make the farmer’s life way easier. With equipment comes maintenance, and with maintenance comes a handy spreadsheet that helps you keep track of the many machines you own and maintain.

This Farms Machinery Excel Template helps you do just that so you can keep ol’ Betsy running smooth as butter for a long time. Before we go into detail on how we can take control of our farm equipment maintenance template, be sure to check out our other Operations Templates such as the Manufacturing KPI, Equipment Maintenance Management, and Delivery In Full, On Time Templates that will surely give you the an efficiency boost so you can make the most out of your business at minimal costs.

To start things off, we can head over the database tab. It’s here where we can add-in the different machines that we use on the farm, Input the Machine Types, Machine IDs, Model, Type, and Machine Specs. It’s also here where we can input the details about our farm or farms. Input the Farm ID, Zone/Area, and Farm Size. Lastly, let’s input the different rates of our consumable items such as the gallon-liter conversion rate, hectare-acres conversion rate, and the fuel cost per liter, and cost per hectare.

In the Raw Data Tab, we can log how our equipment is doing. Most of the columns in this tab are automated so make sure you stick to the white cells. All you have to enter are the Machine ID, Farm ID that the machine belongs to, the Date, Engine Hours, Cost Per Hour, Fuel Gallons Consumed, Utilization Hours, Machine Efficiency Rate, Utilization Transport Hours, Machine Efficiency Rate for Transport, Utilization Idle Time, and Machine Idling Rate. All the other columns will be automatically looked up or computed for you.

Input the Operating Rate % for up to 20 machines.
The MPS sheet will showcase and automatically calculate your Projected Inventory for each machine and product

In the Dashboard Sheet, you have some really cool looking charts. You have some highlighted metrics on top such as a Fuel Rate Analysis, Hourly Rate Analysis, Fuel Cost per Farm Size, Net Working Cost, Fuel Cost per Hour, Equipment Cost per Hour, Machines Performance Analysis, Gap Difference Rate from Central Average, Machinery Farm Sizes, Farm-Machines Average Cost to Run per Hour and Total Hourly Cost per Acre. For each metric, all your equipment IDs are listed down.

Provided slicers allows you to filter your charts by Year, Month, Type, machine ID, Farm ID, and Farm Area. As Always, if you need to get a guide on how to use this template, you can refer back to the Intro Tab. Who knew Excel had a place on the farm?

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