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How to Add, Remove and Change Signatures in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Adding Signatures in Excel

excel tips signing an excel document Apr 30, 2021

Whether it’s an invoice to send to a customer, a timesheet, or an expense report, there are many cases in which we’d want to validate data and ensure accountability in our Excel files. Usually, the paper form of these documents would require a suggested signer to leave his or her signature on the signature line for said document to be passed of as complete or as true.

Ensuring the authenticity of any of the aforementioned documents creates healthy accountability and helps assess where an error may have occurred along the process. For lots of businesses, those squiggly lines above the signature lines mean life or death. In this day and age, electronic signatures have become mainstays.

You can digitally sign an spreadsheet by adding a signature in your Excel documents, insert a handwritten signature, add a signature line, or even create a custom auto text signature - complete with your name, credentials, and any other details you wish to include using the Microsoft office signature line.

As we transition from paper to the digital world, the need for authentication is greater than ever before. The internet has created a collaborative environment allowing many people to edit and access a single document, this necessitated the use of digital signatures or more commonly known as an electronic signature or 'e signature' in our Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets.

While this is generally a good thing that leads to increased productivity and innovation, it also means mistakes are more likely to happen. Tracing those mistakes back to their root ensures you don’t make even bigger mistakes like working off bad data.

In this post, we will walk you through How to Add, Remove and Edit Electronic Signatures in a Microsoft Excel Workbook on Windows PC.

Authenticate Your Signature with a Certificate Signature

A digital signature is an encrypted electronic stamp that ensures that the information in the digital document is from the signer. It also ensures that the data remains unchanged during the transition period.

Before creating a digital signature, you must have signature certificates. When you submit a digitally signed document, you are also raising your certificate and a public key. This is an assurance that the Excel document has not changed during the transition period. Certification is usually valid for a year, although it depends on the issuing authority.

You can create your own signature certificate through Microsoft here or obtain one through a recommended third-party here

Let’s dive into our step-by-step guide to working with digital signatures on Office programs such as Excel.

Create a Signature Line in Excel Using the Microsoft Office Signature Line

  1. Point your cursor where you want to create a digital signature in your document.
  2. From among the tabs at the top, click on the Insert tab.
  3. Click the arrow in the Signature Line menu in the story. Define Microsoft Office Signature Font. This opens the Signature Setup dialog box or sign dialog box.
  4. You will find boxes for the following details - the full names of the signers, the signature address, the email identifier for the signature, and instructions to the signer. The only box you need to fill in is giving instructions to the site. This creates a signature line in the document, which the signer must fill in. Be sure to take note of any other pertinent details such as the suggested signer's title, and sign date depending on your company preferences.

Signing an Electronic Signature or Digital Signature in Excel

  1. Right-click on the signature line in the Excel document and click Sign.
  2. You can select an image for your written signature by clicking and browsing on the selected image to affix your electronic signature or digital signature.
  3. If you are a tablet user, you can also log in with the touchpad after clicking on the Inking option next to X, above the signature line to affix your digital signature.
  4. The tag is added for the digital signature at the bottom.

Remove Digital Signature in an Excel Document

Simply right-click on the signature line and hit Remove Signature.

Add Invisible Digital Signatures in Excel.

An invisible digital signature protects the origin of the document. However, it makes the excel documents read-only unless the site makes the necessary changes.

  1. Click on the File tab, then on Info, then choose Worksheet (for MS Excel).
  2. Select the option to add a digital signature from the list.
  3. Fill out the dialog box and save the settings.

Remove invisible digital signatures in Excel.

  1. Click on the "File" tab, then "Information," then "View Signatures."

  2. Click the arrow next to the signature name and select Remove from the options.

Using the steps above, you can finally add electronic signatures to your Microsoft Excel Workbooks. You can now sign excel documents using your own digital signature or signature image file. Just keep in mind to treat it as if it were an actual paper document. So maintain the company standard theme, the signing date, if you need an invisible signature or a visible signature. This tool not only allows you to add a digital signature, but it also becomes a really powerful means to operate during times when being able to all collaborate in the office is not an option when paired with authenticated digital certificates.

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