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Excel is Fun

excel is fun excel tips Jul 16, 2021
Using Excel for business might get tedious at times, but Excel can and is fun! Find out why in this blogpost.

Many people think Microsoft Excel is just a spreadsheet application, and it's not all that fun, especially compared to other popular products like PowerPoint, which is more visually appealing.

What more advanced users know are different ways to use spreadsheets that aren't just crunching numbers or running calculations (queue Michael Scott from The Office not knowing how Excel works). This post will share 10 Reasons why Microsoft Excel is Fun. 

10 Reasons Microsoft Excel is Fun

Advanced users know there are different things you can do with Excel. If you're looking for tips on making your work life easier, read below!

Reason 1: Official E-Sports Competition

Microsoft Excel has officially entered the e-sports realm. The Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup wrapped up in June, crowning Diarmuid Early in New York as the top-ranked player in the world. How long will his reign at the top of the charts last?

Reason 2: Excel Workbook Art

Those that think Excel is more science than art haven't seen 77-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi paint beautiful Japanese landscape art on... Excel spreadsheets. His work is remarkable and built using the same software that calculates complicated financial models and tracks inventory for wholesalers.

Reason 3: Excel Workbook Art

It helps you quickly and easily create a spreadsheet to organize your data. With Excel, you can make information tables in seconds that would otherwise take hours or days with pen and paper!

Reason 4: Ever-Expanding Functions and Tools

It has an ever-expanding library of functions for analyzing numbers. These include statistics (mean, median), engineering analysis (mean root square), and financial tools such as net present value calculations. You don't have to be a financial wizard to find these helpful--it's just adding new tabs onto the existing spreadsheet so that anyone can do them!

Reason 5: Chart, Data Analysis, Data Model, and Power Query

Charts are easy and fast to generate when using this program. Creating a bar chart or pie chart is not time-consuming, and these are much more attractive than tables of numbers.

Reason 6: Powerful Graphics Tools with Excel Workbooks

It has powerful graphics tools for those who want to do an advanced analysis of their data, such as histograms (histogram) and scatter plots (scatter). It's great for quickly checking linear relationships between variables by number and graphing them all in one spot.

Reason 7: Interactive Graphs for Presentations, Business Owner

You can make interactive graphs--you click through the points on the graph to get additional information about each point! It lets you add conditional formatting, so your charts stand out even without extra design touches like colors or clip art. Conditional formatting can change the color of a cell based on its contents, for example.

Reason 8: Tables, Pivot Tables, Macros, MS Excel File

You can create tables with formatting that looks like it came from an expensive spreadsheet program or word processing software. You'll have to build your templates if you want them always available - but we think this one's worth the trouble!

Reason 9: Tables, Charts, and Functions without Excel VBA codes

Microsoft Excel is fun because of everything in between these points: pivot table pivots and subtotals; pie charts (pie chart); functions such as AVERAGE() JOIN(), MAX(), MIN(); conditional formats; data validation rules. Last but not least:

Reason 10: Everyone can use Excel to Play, Automate, Note, Compare, and more

It's fun because where would we be without everything else? It may take some time, but regular users of Excel find ways to make it fun. If you want to utilize the fun parts of Excel, try to look at our catalog of 100+ Excel templates designed to make spreadsheets easy to use and fun. You can also enjoy watching our YouTube tutorials showcasing many unique templates and training!

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