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Microsoft Forms seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel. In this blog post, we show you show.

Microsoft Forms 101 and How To Integrate with Microsoft Excel

excel integrations microsoft forms Aug 04, 2021

Microsoft Forms and How it Integrates with Microsoft Excel

It's increasingly common to want feedback; from customers, employees, clients, even members of your fantasy soccer team. In any case, asking people individually is a time-consuming and inefficient endeavor.

That's been the inspiration for products like Typeform, Google Forms and Wufoo. And while each of those is great in their own right, none of them integrate with Microsoft Excel - the best program for storing data and making calculations.

Introducing Microsoft Forms, a program for collecting surveys, questionnaires and quizes.

In this article, we're going to tell you more about Microsoft Forms and how you can use it with Microsoft Excel.

What Is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a program for collecting surveys, questionnaires and quizes. It's built to integrate with Microsoft Excel so that you're able to analyze your data easily from the comfort of one app.

What Can I use Forms For?

Forms can be used for all sorts of feedback - both personal and business.

You can use it like a quiz, as many teachers will do.

You can use it to collect feedback from customers in regards to a specific purchase or experience.

You can use it to gauge the happiness and morale of your team.

These are just a few of the benefits.

How Does Microsoft Forms Work Integrate with Microsoft Excel?

If you have an active Office 365 Subscription or MSFT Employee ID, then just download it through any web browser on Windows PC (Windows XP, Vista). If not, then sign up for a free trial.

Once installed on your computer:

- Create new forms in either Word or PowerPoint format. These are formats most people find easier work with when designing their form templates because they allow for more advanced features than plain text documents do. When you open a new form in either Word or PowerPoint, you'll be prompted to save it as a Microsoft Forms file (.mfm).

- Publish your form to the Web and share with others. To publish, click on File > Publish (or press Ctrl + Shift + P) from within Excel 2016 for Mac or PC. If publishing from an iPhone or iPad using Office Mobile then tap the three dots and select Share Form With People You Choose....

- View responses live as they come in by clicking on Respond Online underneath the form name in the navigation pane of your browser window where your published forms are listed. This is helpful if you want to watch people fill out certain parts before continuing with other sections of your survey such as the demographic section.

- You can also provide a direct link to your form so that respondents can fill out the survey without having to navigate through the URL in their browser window. To create a direct link, click on File > Share Form and select Copy Link from within Excel 2016 for Mac or PC.

Benefit of Microsoft Forms and Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel is used by nearly a billion people worldwide for good reason. It's ability to perform calculations and create visuals from data enhances your ability to make key insights.

Especially when it comes to feedback, such as what you would receive from a Microsoft Form, it's helpful to have graphs, charts, heatmaps, spark lines and any other visual that makes your data come to life. As your data auto populates with surveys, you can create dynamic visuals that empower you to make great decisions with that information.

Microsoft Form Templates

As we provide immaculate templates to make Excel more useful, there are pre-provided templates for Microsoft Forms. These templates are useful for people who have a lot of form questions and want to save time by not having to design every question themselves.

With these templates you can easily add questions one at a time by typing them into cells or copying over text boxes, answer choices (such as Yes/No), and question labels from Microsoft Excel. You can also quickly add conditional logic for questions to ask only certain respondents, so you don't need to manually filter the data after your survey is complete.

Should I Use Google Forms or Microsoft Forms?

Each company has both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, but most people prefer to use the programs with which they are more comfortable. Google Forms is simpler than Excel due to its drag-and-drop user interface. It also takes up less space on your screen since it only shows one question at a time.

On the other hand, Microsoft Form asks for all of this information in an organized way so you can easily find what you're looking for later on. If you want a seamless experience across different devices (desktop, laptop or phone) then go with Microsoft's product because that is possible too!

Bottom Line: Choose whichever program gives you the best service from start to finish - don't worry about picking between two great options!

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