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Learn how to remove table formatting while preserving your data in this blogpost.

How to Remove Table Formatting in Excel

deleting formats deleting tables excel tips formatting tables Jun 28, 2021

An artist will scrap what they're working on, even if it's taken them days if they feel inspired to change their work. 

Similarly, in Excel we may want to change how we structure or organize our data. Once you enter the information into the worksheet, you may need to format your data as a table. Tables can improve the look and feel of your workbook. They will also help organize your content and make your data easier to use. Excel includes many predefined table styles and tools, allowing you to create a schedule quickly and easily.

Sometimes you may need to clear the table format style from a table, but still need to keep the table data in Excel. Apart from copying and pasting the table as values, this article will introduce two ways to clear/delete the table format style without losing table data in Excel. If the table exists alone on a worksheet, the quickest way is to delete the sheet. 

Clear Table Formatting Style Without Losing Table Data 

You can apply the convert to range feature to easily remove the table format style from the table. Please do the following: 

  • Select which cell in the table you will erase the table format from to activate Tabletools, then click Design > Convert to Range. See screenshot:

 Note: You can also right-click any cell in the table and then click Table > Convert to Range from the right-click menu. 

  • In the Microsoft Excel pop-up dialog, please click Yes.


Now you will notice that the table formatting style has been removed/cleared from the original table. However, the actual table fill color, font color, and other formatting styles are preserved. See screenshot: 

A horrible work experience like writing on the board can be "erased." The only difference is that it is easier to do this in the program. So let's think about everything in order. 

How to Delete a Row in Excel 

Mark the row of the sheet to be deleted by clicking on the numerical index on the left panel. Call the floating menu with the right mouse button and select the Delete command. The program will remove the font, regardless of whether it contains information or not. 

How to Remove Blank Lines in Excel 

A column must be added to the existing set of information that contains blank lines. For convenience, you can put it first. Number the cells in the created column from top to bottom. To do this, first type the number "1", then "hook" with the mouse in the lower right corner of this cell while holding down the ctrl key and drag it down without releasing ctrl. Sort records by some column values. All blank lines will appear at the bottom of the sheet. Mark it and delete it. Now sort all forms by the first (specially created) column. Delete the column. 

How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

Select the desired column on the sheet, and select the Data - Remove Duplicates tab on the panel. Any duplicate column values will be ignored. 

How to Delete Cells in Excel 

Straightforward process. We select the desired cell or matrix by clicking on the left mouse button. With the right, we call the floating menu, where we choose the Delete command. In the dialog that appears, specify the deletion direction: with a shift to the left or up. 

How to Delete a Sheet in Excel 

Sheets in Excel are divided at the bottom of the screen in tabs Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. If you move the mouse pointer over the tab and right-click, a floating menu will appear, in which you must select the Delete item. After that, the blank sheet will disappear, and the sheet with the information will ask for confirmation. 

How to Delete a Column in Excel 

Highlight the desired column by clicking its character assignment at the top of the window and right-clicking. Select Delete from the floating menu. The column will be deleted, regardless of whether it is empty or contains information. 

Working with formulas in Excel makes it possible to facilitate significant and automate various calculations. At the same time, it is not always necessary to attach the result to the expression. For example, if you change the values in the linked cells, the summary data will also change, and in some cases, this is not necessary. In addition, when moving a copied table with formulas to another area, the values may be lost. Another reason to hide them is when you do not want others to see how the calculations are made in the table. It may also make work easier for you to learn how to remove a table from your Excel file. 

You can get ready-made excel templates to work on, provided by Simple Sheets. These templates will save you a lot of time and effort and save your resources that you may want to use in something else, and will also increase the productivity, flow, and speed of work without dispensing with the accuracy feature.

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