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This blog post shows you which youtubers the best in offering Microsoft Excel knowledge

Top Excel YouTube Influencers

excel influencers excel tips tutorials youtube Jun 21, 2021

YouTube is radically changing how we learn. 

Whether it's home improvement, baking or even learning Microsoft Excel, there's now channels dedicated to entertaining and educating people in a way like never before.

While we supply incredible tutorials and content on our own YouTube channel, there's a number of other influencers worth checking out that we want to highlight. Whether you have a specific problem you want solved, or are generally curious about new ways to better navigate spreadsheets, these channels will help you grow in your knowledge.

Here are the five best YouTube Channels to learn how to use Excel: 

  1. Excel Fun YouTube Channel  to Learn Excel 

The YouTube Channel is in English and provides educational content in all aspects of Excel.

You can ask questions in the comments, and they will be answered immediately. There are also multiple articles on a daily basis on learning the program by Excel professionals and users.

The advantage of this YouTube Channel is the presence of many technicians and professionals in Excel programs, which develops skills in dealing with the program if you encounter any problem with it or have any questions related to the program and the organization of tables and cells in it. 

     2. Leila Gharani YouTube channel to learn Microsoft programs 

Leila Gharani YouTube channel offers a complete course on the Excel Tips & Tricks. 

The channel contains an Excel course consisting of many videos, with most videos not exceeding nine minutes.

The course begins with a section that defines Excel and talks about it in general with an explanation of how to download it. It then goes through explaining the most important arithmetic operations. It ends with an explanation of how to use the most critical tools in the program. 

      3. Excel Dashboard School YouTube channel to learn Excel 

Ultimate Dashboard Tools is an Excel dashboard and chart add-in. Data visualization tools for Excel are used in many different sectors. What distinguishes this YouTube channel is that it provides many explanatory videos to learn the program to know how to use the program. The main goal of this YouTube channel is the mastery and professionalism of the program’s skills and the systems for dealing with it. 

The videos on the YouTube channel contain:

  • Several levels of mastery of the program.
  • Introduce you to the formulation of equations and functions in the program, conditional coordination at its levels.
  • Design a complete accounting system on the program. 

      4. Excel to Excel YouTube channel to learn Excel

The YouTube channel is one of the virtual channels responsible and interested in providing many videos to learn Microsoft programs and training courses for many things and programs as it is known. Among the programs that the channel contains are educational materials for is the Excel program. 

Most of the videos in Excel to Excel YouTube channel content are characterized by many things, including: 

  • Many videos help you master the professional work on Excel
  • The course includes basic calculation procedures, formulas and functions, the formatting of tables and graphs.
  • At the end of the course, you will be able to use the program professionally, and your skills in using it will develop. 

      5. Excel Superstar YouTube Channel to Learn Microsoft Programs, Excel. 

The Excel Superstar YouTube Channel includes explanations and educational materials with many accurate details. The channel has been made to display information on many important steps and tricks in the field of work or even in the field of study to learn Excel.

Among the features of the channel is the ease of explanation and clarification, and learning from initiation to mastery in the program, and the short duration of the videos and the explanation in them by the person responsible for the content. 

  • The channel offers a course to learn Excel consisting of several different videos.
  • Most clips range from 7 to 10 minutes.
  • The course contains the basics of the program.
  • Goes over learning the functions and the most important shortcuts in the program. 

You can also apply what you have learned in practice and get some help and ready-made templates to work on through Simple Sheets.

We hope these influencers can add to your Excel skills!


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