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Weekly To Do List Template: How to Make Your Own Weekly To Do List in Microsoft Excel

Jul 26, 2022

To keep concentration and ensure your week is productive, you need to be committed. Studies from the University of California have shown that it can take as much as 30 minutes to get back into a task once you have been side-tracked.

With so many things trying to capture our attention, how can we manage to stick to our weekly tasks?

That is where weekly to-do list templates come into play. This article will discuss to-do lists in greater detail and show you how to create your own weekly to-do list in Microsoft Excel.

By learning how to create a weekly to-do list template, you will be able to release some of your stress as you run errands, complete tasks, and maintain responsibilities.

What is a Weekly to-do List?

A weekly to-do list is often laid out in a similar way to a calendar. If effective, a to-do list can break down what you need to do each day to help streamline your life and develop task management skills.

To ensure you achieve your essential goals, it is worth trying a few to-do list layouts to see which one best suits your needs and helps you achieve your daily tasks.

The Benefits of a to-do list


To-do list templates are excellent if used as an external memory aid. If you have a lot of due dates coming up, it can be hard to remember them all when you start completing all the tasks you need to.

A to-do list allows you to keep track of all of your weekly tasks so that you can add tasks to your excel spreadsheet and never miss important tasks.


Another benefit of a great task list is that your task management productivity will go through the roof! With a weekly task list, you will be amazed about how many daily chores and specific tasks you get completed. A weekly planner is one of the best possible ways to use your time wisely, implementing a visual overview for your entire week.


A to-do list makes goals much clearer and allows you to stay focused. Larger projects can be split into smaller task lists, highlighting what jobs might need immediate attention. You can then tick tasks off your daily to-do list as you complete them, increasing your motivation and confidence.

Components of a Weekly Tasks Template

To ensure you are organized and on track, there are several components you need to add to your to-do list.

Your weekly task list template should be easy to fill out and use. A weekly planner template should not be too complete, or you will not increase your productivity, and the weekly to-do list will not have the desired effect.

Here are a few tasks to add to your to-do list template.

Week at a Glance

The first section of any good to-do list template should be the "Week at a Glance" column. This section can give you a top-line view of what you have going on this week and highlight which days are the busiest and which ones will be a little quieter. This overview lets you work out the best time to run errands, make meals, and so on, and on which days you won't have time to do things such as head to the gym.

This section should cover the big things you have going on every day, not simply normal daily routine items.

Home Tasks

Home tasks can include any items you must complete at home. It might be a maintenance job, a cleaning task, or stuff you need to do before heading out for work or college.

Within the home tasks section, highlight two r three items that are the priority to complete.

Work Tasks

Similar to your home tasks, there will be tasks that you need to complete at work that you think of while not at work. If you are like me, you will often think of tasks I need to do at work on the weekend or on a weekday evening.

When this occurs, I jot them down within the work tasks section, and then when I am back at work, I can look at those tasks and execute them.

Within this section, I will also highlight 2-3 big things I must get done at work that week.

Life Tasks

Your life tasks can be anything that we have to get done one way or another, such as gathering groceries, doctor's appointments, and so on.

Essentially, it is any task that does not fall into your home or work task lists but is still essential.

Next Week's Tasks

When you are building up your weekly tasks during the week, you may have a moment where you think of something that needs to be done next week. Or perhaps it is near the end of the week, and you can't get all your tasks done in time.

Instead, you might move it to next week. So when you are creating your weekly plan for next week, be sure to check your "next week" box from the previous week to add in anything you didn't manage to get to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weekly to-do Lists.

Can you highlight priority tasks on a to-do list?

Absolutely! When you create your printable to-do list, you can create a to-do list template that allows you to highlight important tasks within your to-do list.

Is weekly planning important?

Weekly planning with a to-do list is very important if you are looking to improve your productivity, become more motivated, and not let important tasks slip your mind.

Is it easy to make a printable checklist template?

If you follow the steps highlighted above, you will find it easy to create a printable checklist template.

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