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Windows 11 Release Date, Price and Features: 5 Things You Need To Know

excel365 windows 11 windows 11 excel Jun 24, 2021

Weeks before the official rollout of Windows 11, we got a sneak-peek at the new user interface and Start Menu. 

Today, Microsoft showcased their new operating system. According to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, this will be one of the "most significant upgrades to Windows in the past decade." 

Aside from prominent changes and features, which you can read more about below, Satya remarked on Windows being an open "platform," that not only caters to creators, but hopes to be a base where others can launch their platforms. 

Windows Release Date

There is no official release date for Windows 11. It is slated to be released by the holidays this year, making anytime from October to December a likely timeframe. Beta builds will be available for Insiders on June 28, 2021. 

Microsoft hasn't officially announced pricing for Windows 11 yet, but if you want an idea how much it might cost then take a look at Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 10 - which currently retails for $119.99 (£107)

How Can I Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

If you're eligible to upgrade from Windows 10, it will be available through Windows Update. As Microsoft does regularly, it will send a notification through your current OS. 

How Much Will Windows 11 Cost?

Windows 10 users can jump for joy as Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for those already using the most recent operating system. This is consistent with previous rollouts, as they've 'grandfathered' in users since Windows 7. 

The catch - Microsoft does have hardware requirements that may make some devices ineligible to receive the free upgrade. While they removed a page from their website detailing those requirements, we were able to grab them before hand. They include a 64-bit CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

Windows 11 Reviews

While Windows 11 won't fully premiere for another few months or so, the reaction has been mostly positive from the tech community and journalists. 

"I can't wait to try this out," says Monica Chin from The Verge

"Windows 11 is Windows 10 with polish," says Josh Hendrickson from Review Geek

5 Things You Need to Know About Windows 11

- It takes advantage of DirectX 12 so you can play games without worrying about them lagging or slowing down due to graphics cards not being able to handle all the graphical data in real time (which is what happens when it has been standard before).

- AutoHDR & DirectStorage coming to Win 11

- Xbox App now built directly into Win 11

- Xbox Cloud Gaming directly built into the Xbox App

- MS Store completely revamped

It's being labeled the 'Best Windows for Gaming.'

Other features of Windows 11 include Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant that is always on and learns as you use it.

- Windows 11 has a new, improved Start Menu with more tiles to make things easier for newcomers

- Microsoft Edge browser available in Win11 which offers a faster browsing experience

- Windows 11 will feature Android app compatibility, Microsoft has confirmed we can expect to see some popular apps like Instagram and Vine on the Windows Store. The company is also working with developers of iOS apps too including Square Enix!

- Microsoft will let developers use their own payments systems with a zero percent commission. This is a major incentive for developers that are used to paying a 30% cut to Apple and Google. 

- Teams will be directly integrated with Window.

Windows 11 Impact on Excel

As we are a site dedicated to improving your use of Excel, we were eager to see if there were any announcements regarding changes or additional features. There were not. That does not mean Microsoft is sleeping on the spreadsheet program, as new features are being rolled out all the time to Excel 365, including the highly-requested Show Changes that is standard with Microsoft Word and other products.

You can read more about Microsoft's OS overhaul on their website here.

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