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How to Group Sheets in Excel

Jun 11, 2022

If you are working on multiple sheets within Microsoft Excel, it can be handy to group worksheets together.

Grouped sheets allow you to make edits to the same cells across multiple sheets.

This article will teach you how to group worksheets or a sheet tab, how to ungroup sheets and all the sheets grouping information you need.

Grouping Multiple Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

Grouping worksheets in Excel is a fantastic option for when you have an Excel workbook that contains multiple worksheets with differing data but in the same layout and with the same calculations.

To group worksheets in excel, hold down the CTRL key and select every worksheet you want to group.

You will notice that grouped sheets show a white background, while ungrouped sheets show a grey background.

Grouping All Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

When you hold down CTRL within your active sheet, you have the ability to choose multiple worksheets in excel and group them together. That is a good option if you only have two or more sheets, but when you have a lot more sheets, this becomes impractical.

To group all the worksheets from your Excel workbook, you can save time by choosing one sheet and right-clicking on it. This option will create a small pop-up box where you can choose Select All Sheets and group worksheets together.

Ungrouping Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

Finally, once you have stopped making changes to multiple worksheets, you can choose Ungroup sheets and ungroup several worksheets.

The fastest way to do this is to right-click on a chosen worksheet and click Ungroup Sheets. This option will ungroup selected worksheets.

You may also ungroup worksheets one at a time. Simply hold down CTRL, and choose the selected worksheet you want to ungroup. Worksheet tabs you choose to ungroup will go back to a grey background.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Group Worksheets in Excel

Can you group sheets together in Excel?

To group worksheets in Excel, press and hold the CTRL key and select the sheet tabs one by one. After you have selected the last tab, let go of CTRL. To group the selected worksheets, select the first sheet tab, press and hold the shift key, and select the last sheet tab. This option will also select all the other sheets in between.

How do I group sheets in Excel for Mac?

Hold down the command key, and then select all the worksheets you want to group together.

You'll tell when all the worksheets become grouped sheets as the tab color for all the sheets will go from grey to white.

What is the use of grouping sheets in Excel?

Grouped Sheets in Excel are fantastic for when you have an Excel workbook where all the grouped sheets contain different data but stick to the same layout.

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