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How to Make a Calendar in Google Sheets

May 31, 2022

There is no better feeling than adding something exciting to your calendar. You add borders, create the first row, and sit back and wait for the opportunity to submit data to your chosen date in anticipation of the upcoming event.

It might be an awesome vacation, a surprise party, a new project, or even a list of to-dos. A spreadsheet calendar can be the focus of your entire social and work life.

The days of a printed calendar are gone. Now, people use a cell number to identify a date and a spreadsheet to work out what they are doing on all of the days of the week.

Creating an online calendar in google sheets allows you to check dates and tasks for the week on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Especially when you make a calendar in google sheets, it makes sense to have a calendar that you can use throughout the day to track your social events and meetings.

This article will show you how to make a calendar in google sheets, how to identify the start date and end date, and why it is so important to make a calendar for project management.

Why Make a Calendar in Google Sheets?

When you make a calendar in Google sheets, there are many benefits that arise as long as you don't save it as an untitled spreadsheet and lose it!

Easy to access: Google Sheets documents are easy to access from anywhere or any device. On your mobile, look for the Google Apps icon.

Editable: Build and customize your calendar to suit your needs

Collaborative: You can invite others to add to the calendar or assign tasks and add them to a group calendar.

It's free: Google Sheets is absolutely free!

How to Create a Calendar in Google Sheets?

It might seem like making a weekly calendar in Google Sheets would be easy. But if that were true, you wouldn't be reading this how-to guide! Unfortunately, it is hard to know how to make a calendar in google sheets. Turning a blank spreadsheet into a functioning calendar can seem like a long process.

Don't worry. We have simplified how to make a calendar in google sheets so that you can make a calendar quickly and easily.

Add days of the week.

Firstly, open Google Drive and create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets for your calendar event.

Name your spreadsheet with a memorable title, such as New Calendar, and add the title for your chosen month. If you leave it as an untitled

Next, input the days of the week on your top row of the online calendar in Google Sheets.

Don't forget, this Calendar in google sheets is completely your own. You can start the calendar on any day you please. You don't even have to create an entire calendar if you don't need to.

Create the whole month

From here, adding dates to your calendar is a piece of cake.

  • Wherever the month starts, type "1", and then add a formula to input the next data in the next cell automatically.

  • Copy and paste your formula until the end date in that row and press enter. Then, move on to a new row and repeat the process in the first cell on that row to add in dates.

  • Continue this process until every row number is inputted and there are no empty rows. This process will also work with other calendars, and you can spend time focusing on other aspects of your calendar, such as add-ons, font sizes, or added design elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a calendar template in Google Sheets?

Unfortunately, there is no Google Sheets calendar template for you to use. Luckily, Simple sheets offer a range of Google Calendar templates for you to automatically fill and use. Rather than starting with a blank spreadsheet, use one of the Simple Sheets Google Sheets calendars to create your monthly calendar.

How do I create a 2022 calendar in Google Sheets?

  • Firstly, open Google Drive and create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets for your calendar event.

  • Name your spreadsheet with a memorable title, such as the 2022 Calendar.

  • Input the days of the week on your top row of the online calendar in Google Sheets.

Can you add a calendar in Google Sheets?

There is no specific calendar in google sheets for you to use, but you can use a Simple Sheets calendar template to add a calendar to Google Sheets. From here, you can add design elements, change the font size, or customize the document however you want to.

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