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Why Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data

Aug 09, 2022

When used correctly, Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool for organizing data, executing financial analysis, and executing a dynamic data exchange.

However, a data error can make those actions much more difficult. This article will teach you why "paste data errors" occur and how to rectify that issue quickly and easily.

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Why is my paste not working in Excel?

The Microsoft Excel error tends to occur when you attempt to copy a range of data from one Excel Workbook to another. It might be that an error occurred that stops you from pasting data into your workbook.

Why can’t I paste data from one Excel to another?

If you are currently unable to paste data from one Excel workbook to another, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  • The information you need to paste does not meet the cell format for the cells within the column: If you need to paste large amounts of data within your workbook, ensure the format of your chosen columns meets the format of the data you need to paste.

  • There are not enough columns: Perhaps you have not selected enough columns to accept the information you try to paste, so add more columns and try again.

  • The paste and copy areas are not the same shape or size: Try selecting the upper-left range rather than the whole one before pasting the information.

Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data - How to Fix Microsoft Excel.

Follow the solutions outlined below to amend the Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data error you are experiencing in Excel:

  1. Restart Microsoft Excel

  2. Amend the cell format

  3. Add Extra Columns

  4. Use the Special Paste feature

  5. Unmerge cells

Restart Microsoft Excel.

  1. Save those changes to your Excel file.

  2. Close down Excel and leave it closed for a few minutes.

  3. Relaunch Excel to check if the error message still appears. Sometimes load startup items getting rebooted can resolve these issues and fix Microsoft Excel.

Amend the cell format.

  1. Choose the column heading you need to amend.

  2. From the Home tab, choose the Number launcher from the Number group.

  3. A Cell Format dialog box will appear.

  4. Select the format that matches the data you want to paste.

Add extra columns.

  1. Select the column heading for the column on the right where you would like to insert a column.

  2. Click on the Home tab, and choose the Insert button.

  3. The columns you chose will move to the right, and a new column will show.

  4. Repeat this action until you have the number of columns you need.

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Use the Special Paste feature.

  1. Click on the cell you want to paste your data into and right-click.

  2. Click on Paste Special.

  3. The Paste Special dialog box will show. Select OK.

Unmerge cells.

You might be attempting to paste the data onto merged cells. If so, try to unmerge your cells before merging data.

Highlight the cells you plan on pasting data into.

From the Home tab, select Merge and Center.

Select Unmerge cells.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Why Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data:

How can I fix Microsoft Excel sheet paste issues?

Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you should be able to fix your paste issues. If not, you might want to open task manager, shut down Microsoft Excel, and try copying and pasting data again.

Are Excel files easy to use?

Once you understand the system configuration used in Microsoft Excel, you will find Excel sheets and other Microsoft services to use. You can quickly copy data from one Excel sheet to another.

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