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The Benefits of Excel Templates

benefit of excel templates excel tips May 24, 2021
Excel Templates are one of the best ways to improve your productivity and scale your business systems.

It is common to need a little help to meet our goals in a world as fast as this. Using spreadsheets is an intelligent way to organize and automate our daily tasks. Undoubtedly, there is no better program than the veteran Microsoft Excel. Excel spreadsheets can be used in various projects, from planning your weekly tasks and tracking your company expenses to creating automated budgets or databases. However, Excel is not a simple program accessible to many. For these types of situations, we have Excel templates. Rather than recreate the wheel, we will save a lot of time utilizing pre-built spreadsheets that serve a specific purpose. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of Excel templates and how people use them to improve their business productivity and efficiency.

Why Use Excel Templates?

Many of us grow up with unique family dishes. Some families write their recipes down, and others are passed on verbally. Rather than ‘guess’ what will taste good, we use what we already know people have spent countless hours testing and designing. The same principle applies to Excel templates. We have spent countless hours designing, testing, and refining formulas, instructions, and charts. Why spend your precious time creating a business process from a standardized scratch? You can do more using proven systems like pre-built spreadsheets in less time.

Templates Can Be Used for Many Purposes

As much as we’d like to think our businesses are perfectly unique, they are all based on the same fundamentals. Companies that go public must submit standard documentation and follow guidelines for accounting and finance precisely. Because there are similar practices executed across different industries and positions, that allows us to learn from each other and utilize best practices. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we realized many of the solutions were not designed to be customized. While processes are often the same, there is variance in terms of language, organizational standards, and measurements. That is why we prioritized databases for increased customization and instructions for every template.

This ensures people can navigate their spreadsheets without being an expert. We hope it’s as easy as simply plugging in your data and letting the formulas and formatting handle the rest with an Excel template from us - unlike template files from the Microsoft Office templates folder. It can analyze data, pivot tables, use default templates with an existing file, create charts, and a dialog box that can easily create sheets without intensive training on VBA code or spreadsheet software.

We have nearly a dozen categories of templates we offer that are geared toward solving the most common calculations, tasks, and problems.

Project Management in Microsoft Excel

As business moves faster than ever, the need for managing those projects is at an all-time high. Over ten templates help you manage your projects, team, budgets, and deadlines.


Not everyone who works in accounting is a trained accountant. Using our templates, you can quickly onboard someone to manage and input your receivables and payables and automate expense reports and invoicing.


Whether you want to analyze your cash flows or view the economics/profitability of your business, finance templates are perfect for creating systems you can use across your organization. Think of our finance templates like your own CFO.


While some marketers live in the cloud, pondering the most creative marketing campaign, many live in a world of data. That data is used to measure the value of a lead, conversion rates, and the success of your email marketing.

Data Analysis from Excel template.

More than anything else, Excel is designed for creating logic and calculations. We have data analysis templates that help you crunch numbers fast. That’s the bare minimum, as many templates do that. Whenever applicable, we use graphs, charts, and dashboards that help you visualize your data.

Operations with the template file.

One of our templates' most popular use cases is supply chain and operations. We have more than two-dozen templates designed to improve your manufacturing processes, reduce product defects, and analyze capacity levels. With so many tools, you could run your warehouse and manufacturing using our templates.


Seeing our spreadsheets utilized by freelancers, small business owners, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies has been a joy. We've even seen people utilize our templates and Excel University to get new jobs using Excel. It shows that Excel can tackle thousands of tasks that you may not have even thought about


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