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How to Add a Google Sheets Drop Down Menu in Minutes

May 26, 2022

Building a drop-down list within Google Sheets is extremely useful if you want a user to choose from pre-defined options. It is a fantastic way to ensure data entry is consistent.

This article will teach you how to build a drop-down list in Google Sheets, how you can copy drop-downs and move them to other parts of your spreadsheet, and how to remove a drop-down list from cells.

How to Add a Google Sheets Drop Down List

In total, there are two ways for you to create a drop-down list in Google Sheets.

1) By using a range of cells to build the drop-down list.

2) By manually inputting the items from your drop-down list.

How to Create a Drop Down List in Google Sheets Using a Range of Cells

Let's imagine that you have a range of locations in cells A1:A6, and you are keen to create a drop-down list in cells B1:B4.

Here is how you can add drop-down lists in Google Sheets:

  • Choose the cell or cells you want to add a dropdown list too. If you want to add drop-downs to a range of cells, select all the cells in question.

  • Head to the Data validation option.

  • From the Data Validation pop up, make these changes:

    • Criteria: List from a range (Sheet1!A1:A6)

    • Appearance: Check the Show dropdown list in the cell option

    • On Invalid data: Show warning

    • Cell Range: Sheet1!B1:B4

  • Hit Save.

Edit a Drop Down List In Google Sheets Manually

If you need to build a drop-down list that contains static options like Yes or No, High or Low, or Agree or Disagree, you have the power to enter these options manually via data validation.

Here's how you can amend drop-down lists in Google Sheets:

  • Choose the cell you would like to develop a drop-down list within. For getting a drop-down list in multiple cells, choose all the cells you want to include in your data entry.

  • Head to Data validation, and from the data validation pop up, select these changes:

    • On Invalid data: Show warning

    • Criteria: List of items

    • Cell Range: Sheet1!B1:B4

    • Appearance: Ensure the Display in-cell button is set to show the list option

  • Hit Save.

Copy a Google Sheet Drop Down List

If your Google Sheet contains a drop-down list in or more cells, and you are keen to move it, you can. Use a simple copy and paste trick to copy a drop-down box in Google Sheets.

Here's how:

  • Copy your chosen cell that contains a drop-down list you are keen to copy.

  • Choose the cell or cells you wish to copy the drop-down list into.

  • Right-click head to Paste Special, then paste data validation only.

This action will copy your drop-down list into your chosen cells.

How to Remove Drop Down Lists From Cells

To remove an unwanted drop-down list from a range of cells within Google Sheets:

  • Click on the cells you would like to remove the drop-down list from

  • Head to the Data Validation option

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Sheets Drop-Down

How do I create a drop-down list in Google Sheets?

  • Open up a Google Sheets spreadsheet

  • Click on the cell or cells you want to add a drop-down list too.

  • Select Data.

  • From the criteria option, select an option.

  • Once there is an option selected, the cells will show a down arrow.

  • Hit Save.

Can you create a drop it down in Google Sheets?

Absolutely! Adding a Google Sheets drop-down list is as simple as adding a drop-down menu in Microsoft Excel.

What is the shortcut key for the drop-down list in Google Sheets?

If you've got a filtered cell within Google Sheets, opening the drop-down list with a shortcut is easy. Click on your filtered cell and hold CTRL, ALT & R.

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