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Everything You Need To Know: How To Add Columns In Google Sheets

google sheets Mar 15, 2023

Would you like to learn how to add columns in Google Sheets?

In some cases, you'd have to insert more data between two columns. Well, you can do that when you know how to add columns in Google Sheets. 

In this blog post, we'll talk about adding columns in Google Sheets. Keep reading to learn more about the following: 

  • Add a Column in Google Sheets

  • Add Multiple Columns in Google Sheets

  • Final Thoughts on How to Add Columns in Google Sheets

  • Frequently Asked Questions on How to Add Columns in Google Sheets

Add a Column in Google Sheets

  1. To add a new column, select the column letter, then go to the Insert tab. Click Columns from the menu, then choose "Insert 1 column left" or "Insert 1 column right."Select the Column A, go to the insert tab, go to Columns, and click Insert 1 column left.

  1. In the example, we inserted a blank column to the left.Google Sheets will automatically add a column on the left.

Add Multiple Columns

  1. Select an entire column or as many columns as you want.Select multiple columns.

  1. Go to the Insert tab, select the Columns option, then select where you want to insert the new columns from the drop-down list.Add multiple columns.

  1. The highlighted columns in the image are the new multiple columns added to the spreadsheet.Google sheets will add multiple columns automatically.

Resize a Column

  1. Select the columns you want to resize.Select a column you like to resize.

  1. Right-click the selected column, and click Resize Column.In the right click menu, click resize column.

  1. In the Resize Column Letter dialog box, choose your preferred column width and click OK.

    You can choose how long would you like to resize your column of can just click "Fit to data" and Google Sheets will automatically resize your column according how long is your data.

Delete a Column

To delete columns, right-click any selected cells and click the Detele Column option. It will remove the column and its data.

Just right click a column and in the right click menu, click Delete column.

Add Rows and Multiple Rows

  1. To add one row, right-click a row. From the context menu, "Insert 1 row above" or "Insert 1 row below." Doing so will add one row to your spreadsheet.Select a row on the left most of the spreadsheet, and click Insert 1 row above or below.

  1. To add multiple rows, select the number of rows you want to insert. For example, if you want to add ten rows, you must select ten rows as well.If you want to add multiple columns just select rows you want.

  1. Click Insert Rows Above or Below, and your spreadsheet will have more rows.When you select a specific number of rows Google Sheets will automatically add multiple rows.

Deleting a Row

To delete a row in Google Sheets, right-click one row and select the Delete Row option.

To delete rows, just right click a row and in the right click menu, click Delete Row.

Final Thoughts on How to Add Columns in Google Sheets

Adding additional information to your spreadsheet will be easy because you have learned how to add columns and use column and row options. Take advantage of all these practical tips to get the most out of your spreadsheets.

If you want to access more easy-to-follow Google Sheets guides, visit Simple Sheets today. Don't forget to check the related articles below and our Facebook page for Excel and Google Sheets templates!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Add Columns in Google Sheets

What is the maximum number of columns I can add to my Google Sheets?

Google Sheets has a limit to the number of cells you can use. Your spreadsheet can have up to 10 million cells or 18,278 columns (column ZZZ).

Can I use a keyboard shortcut in Google Sheets to add columns?

To add columns, press "CTRL + Shift + Alt + =" on your keyboard.

If I add a column, will it add a row to my spreadsheet?

No. A row is a data sequence arranged horizontally in a table or spreadsheet. Meanwhile, a column is a vertical sequence of cells in a spreadsheet. Rows go from left to right. Conversely, columns are arranged from top to bottom.

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