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Learn How to Use the Excel Random Number Generator

excel excel functions Apr 13, 2023

Are you looking for an easy way to generate random numbers in Excel?

Quickly generating random numbers can be invaluable for a data analysis project, a school assignment, or a job.

We know this skill's importance, so we made a guide to help you.

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • What is the Rand function?

  • What is the Randbetween function?

  • Final thoughts on the Excel random number generator.

  • Frequently asked questions on the Excel random number generator.

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What is the Rand Function?

The rand function is an Excel function created for generating random numbers in Excel. The Rand function returns a random decimal (real) number between 0 and 1.

RAND() is a function that creates a new random number every time you do something on the spreadsheet, such as updating a formula, changing something in a cell, or entering new data.

Enter =RAND() in a cell and then replicate the formula to the cells as you desire:

Rand Function.

Set the upper limit for the range.

To generate random numbers mid zero and any N value, you multiply the RAND function by N, as shown in the image below.

Rand function.

Generate random numbers between two numbers.

Use the RAND formula shown in the formula bar in the image below to generate a random number between any two numbers you specify:

Rand function between two numbers.

As shown in the image, 40 is the lower bound value, and 100 is the upper bound value.

Generate random integers using the Rand function.

To generate a random integer using the Rand function, use either of the same formulae from the earlier examples above and cover the Rand function by utilizing the INT function.

To generate random integers between 0 and 100:


To generate random integers between 100 and 40:


Rand function with Integer.


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What is the Randbetween Function?

Randbetween is another Excel function for generating random numbers. It places random integers in the range that you set:

=randbetween(lower limit, upper limit)

The lower limit represents the lowest random values; the upper limit represents the highest random values you will get from the Randbetween function.

Randbetween with lowest and highest values.

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Generate random numbers with desired decimal points.

The Randbetween function in Excel was created to return random integers, and you can force it to return random decimal numbers with as many decimal places as you want.

You need to multiply the lower and higher values by 20 to get a list of numbers with one decimal place. Then, divide the answer by 20.


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Final Thoughts on the Excel Random Number Generator

Now you've learned how to quickly generate random numbers in Excel, using the RAND and RANDBETWEEN functions to create and insert unique numbers into your worksheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Excel Random Number Generator:

To generate unique random numbers in your spreadsheet:

  1. Use between Rand and Randbetween function to generate random numbers.

  1. Go to the Data tab.

  1. Under the Data tools group, click the Remove Duplicates tool.

Is it possible to generate random values that are not integers?

It's possible to generate random values like dates, times, decimals, letters, text strings, and passwords.

Use the Paste Special Values options to stop changing the values of randomly generated numbers.

  1. Select the data range with Rand or Randbetween formula, then copy.

  2. Select a cell.

  3. Right-click and click Paste Special, then Values.

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