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How-to Guide: Wrap Text In Google Sheets

May 26, 2022

There are times when you want to include long strings of text or sentences within a Google Sheets document. When this occurs, you will want to know how to wrap text in google sheets. Otherwise, you will notice that the information overflows into other cells or gets hidden behind data in the cell next to your text.

To make sure you never lose information like this in the future, one great tool at your disposal in Google Sheets is text wrapping.

Once you wrap text in Google Sheets, you will notice your text fits much better than before.

This article will show you how to use the formatting button to automatically adjust your wrapped text in Google Sheets and also some manual options you can use for a more advanced wrap.

How To Wrap Text In Google Sheets

In truth, text wrapping in Google Sheets is one of the simpler things you can learn. Many beginners worry text wrapping is a complicated process, but there are some really simple ways to text wrap in Google Sheets.

Wrapping Text In Google Sheets With the Format Menu

Pick the cells you are keen to wrap.

Move your mouse cursor so that it is hovering over the Text Wrapping option.

Select Wrap Text.

If following correctly, this will immediately wrap text in Google Sheets.

How To Wrap Text In Google Sheets With the Toolbar

Learning how to wrap text in google sheets will greatly improve your skillset on Google Sheets and help you improve your Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides capabilities.

Another way you can select multiple cells and merge them within Google Sheets is by using the Wrap Text button located in your Google Sheets toolbar.

To wrap text using this toolbar option, choose the cells you want to merge and then select wrap by clicking the wrap button.

Once you become familiar with the wrap text icon, you will notice it is also available in Google Slides and Google Docs, where the text wrapping icon works in the same manner.

How To Ensure Text Stays Within a Cell

Ultimately, this comes down to what your column width is set to.

When you have text wrap enables, Google Sheets, will ensure any text overflowing into the next column along will instead stack below in a new line on the same row.

However, if your column is very thin and you have a lot of content, you can end up with a very long row.

If you have set your column width to wide enough to get all of your text on the entire row, your text will not need to wrap below to a second line.

However, if your column width is not that wide, the content will wrap below and increase your row height.

Once text wrap has gotten enabled, Google Sheets will change the height of a cell to include the content, no matter if it is a short or long sentence.

Fortunately, the text wrap button works as a toggle, so you can disable it or enable it as and when you please for selected cells.

How To Text Wrap in Google Sheets Manually (Keyboard Shortcut)

You might prefer not to wrap text based on column width in some instances. Instead, you might want to be more specific about which single line or cell you want to wrap.

If you use the built-in text wrapping button on a desktop or a mobile device, it will wrap text based on column width as standard.

However, you can adjust this to maintain cell width as you want it to be. Implementing your own line breaks is an excellent option if you are restricted on what space you have to work with.

Here is how to add a Google Sheets text wrap line break manually:

  • Choose a single cell that you want to insert a line break to, and then hit F2 or click on the same cell twice.

  • Hover your text cursor over when you want to see the line break appear that will fit your desired horizontal alignment.

  • Implement the line break, and you will notice that the complete text breaks down into the current line and next line without your column width increasing.

These steps would allow you to insert a line break and maintain your horizontal and vertical alignment.

You can implement this to adjacent cells if you wish or leave them as is. The choice is yours!

Google Sheets App: How to Wrap Text in the Google Sheets Mobile App

You don't have to be using the desktop version of Google Sheets to wrap text in a Google spreadsheet. You can also wrap text in a google sheet on the mobile app:

  • Press the cell you want to format or choose an entire column or row by tapping on the number or letter

  • Press the A Formatting option

  • Press the Cell tab and use your finger to scroll down your Google Sheet until you find the Wrap Text option.

  • Tap on the wrap text button to turn on the Google Sheets text wrapping feature.

How to Wrap text in google sheets: Summary and Key Takeaways

Now you know how to wrap text in google sheets! Wrapping text is another excellent skill that will help you improve any Google Sheet project or Google Docs article.

Remember, there are many different text wrapping options available from within the text wrapping settings section. Wrapped cells can also be changed back if you are not happy with the end result.

Are you keen to learn other Google Sheets tips or become an Microsoft Excel expert? Perhaps you love following tutorials, and you want to keep improving your excel and google sheets skills.

Be sure to check out the Simple Sheets website for other excellent tips and tricks for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to wrap text in google sheets

What is the shortcut for wrapping text in Google Sheets?

Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not wrap text automatically. It is likely Overflow or Clip is your default formatting. Head to the format menu manually, pressing ALT and Enter to change your settings.

Why is my text not wrapped in Google Sheets?

As mentioned, your text will not wrap automatically. To wrap text in Google Sheets, you must click on the Format Menu tab or click wrap text from the toolbar.

Choose numerous cells with the CTRL key, or pick columns and rows and clickwrap text.

Where is the Wrap text function in Google Sheets?

Choose all the cells you would like to wrap text. Head to the Format Menu, press Text Wrapping, then Wrap.

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