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How To Add Cells In Excel in 4 Simple Steps

Apr 13, 2023

Are you trying to figure out how to add cells in Excel?

Adding cells is one of the simplest things to do in Excel. It may seem daunting initially, but we'll teach you how to do it quickly. 

Read on as we discuss the following:

  • How to add cells in Excel.

  • Examples of adding cells in Excel.

  • Final thoughts on how to add cells in Excel.

  • Frequently asked questions on how to add cells in Excel.

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Adding Cells in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, adding cells involves inserting new or multiple cells between existing cells. It's one of the most important spreadsheet functions you should know. Knowing how to do this will allow you to input additional data between existing rows or columns. The process is not as complex as splitting cells in Excel, so don't worry.

  1. Click on the Home tab menu at the top-left corner and go to the Cells group.Go to Home tab and go to the cells group.

  2. Click the Insert Option drop-down. You'll see four choices: Insert Cells, Insert Sheet Rows, Insert Sheet Columns, and Insert Sheet. Select Insert Cells.

    Click Inser cells.

  1. The Insert Cells pop-up menu has four options: Shift cells right or down, and Insert an entire row or column. Click the OK button after choosing.

    Insert pop-up menu.

  1. Excel will add an empty cell immediately.

    New blank cell.

Adding Cells in Excel Examples

Here are some examples of how to add cells in Excel:

Adding a cell with the Shift Cells Right option.

  1. Choose a cell where you want to place a new cell.

    Cell reference.

  1. Click the Insert drop-down menu and click the Insert Cells option.Insert Cells option.

  1. Select Shift cells right and click the OK button.

    Click Insert Shift cells right.

    In the example above, the number 4 moves to the right, creating an empty cell. That's how the shift cell good works.

    New blank cell.

Adding a new column and row.

To add a new column:

  1. Select any cell.

    Select a column reference.

  1. Click the Entire column option and OK button in the Insert pop-up menu.

    Click entire button.

    Excel will add a column, including the column header between the two existing columns below.

    New blank column.

To add a new row:

  1. In the same way, you can add the row by clicking the Entire Row option.

    Click Entire row.

  1. A new row will appear between the two existing rows.

    Added new blank row.

Adding multiple rows, columns, and cells.

To add multiple rows:

  1. Select your cell references.

    Select multiple row cell references.

  1. From the Insert menu, click Insert Sheet Rows.Click Insert Sheet Rows.

  1. Excel will immediately add multiple rows. You will notice it because it will add multiple blank cells below the selected cells.

    New blank rows.

To add multiple columns:

  1. Select columns, and from the Insert Menu, select Insert Sheet Columns.Click insert sheet columns

    Once you've done that, Excel will add multiple columns.

    Added new sheet columns.

To add multiple cells:

  1. Select multiple cells.

    Select multiple columns.

  1. In the Insert Menu, click Insert Cells.

    Click Insert cells.

  1. Choose Shift cells right or down, and click the OK button to add multiple cells to your spreadsheet.

    Insert pop-up menu.

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Final Thoughts on How to Add Cells in Excel

Achieving success with Excel is easier than you may think. Adding cells in Excel can be an efficient way to create organized data tables that make sorting and managing your data easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How To Add Cells In Excel

Can I use a shortcut key to add a cell in Excel?

An insert pop-up menu will appear by pressing the CTRL+ALT+ "+" plus sign. You can select different Insert cell options.

How can I delete rows and columns?

Go to the Home tab and locate the Delete Cells option under the Cells group. To delete columns, select Delete sheet columns. To delete rows, click Delete sheet rows.

Why can't I add cells in Excel?

Microsoft Excel doesn't allow this feature because it pushes the non-empty cells outside the edges of the worksheet.

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