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Discover the New Excel Features 2023

Jun 10, 2023

Are you ready to learn about the new features in Excel?

With Microsoft Excel 2023, you get features that make data navigation and management easier and faster.

This blog post shares the latest Excel enhancements, covering improved analysis features and better visuals.

By looking at each feature more closely, it's clear that these changes can potentially revolutionize how we approach complex data analysis.

Read on as we cover the following:

  • January Microsoft Excel New Features

  • February Microsoft Excel New Features

  • March Microsoft Excel New Features

  • Final Thoughts on New Excel Features 2023

  • Frequently Asked Questions on New Excel Features 2023

January Microsoft Excel New Features

Welcome to the January 2023 update! People who use Excel online can use PivotTable to see more information.

Windows and Mac users can also apply the Power Automate tab in Excel. Moreover, if you are an Insider, you can record your work in Office Scripts and look at formulas with a preview tooltip.

PivotTable shows details.

The 'Show Details' feature can provide you with an explanation of how Excel calculated the numbers in your pivot table.

If you see a number that seems wrong, use Show Details to see if it was calculated correctly based on the data or if there is something you have to fix.

Automate tasks using the Automate tab.

This new tab can help you finish tasks faster. You can make scripts that do the same thing over and over again.

Moreover, you can link to other apps like Microsoft Teams or SharePoint to get help with your work.

Use Office Scripts (Insiders) to document worksheet activities.

Before, the Office Scripts Code Editor let you make and change automation using JavaScript and TypeScript.

Now, a new Action Recorder tool lets you do automated tasks without knowing how to program.

Use value preview tooltips to check your formula (Insiders).

Existing data

To check the current value of a parameter within a formula, highlight the corresponding part. Consequently, Excel will show a tooltip.

February Microsoft Excel New Features

For the February 2023 update, a new feature for Excel lets you sort rows and columns in PivotTables.

Excel for Windows has an update so it can calculate things faster and block add-ins that are not trusted.

Besides, the newest Mac Excel version has Power Query Editor, which can get data from different places like SQL Server and SharePoint.

You can manually sort rows and column values in PivotTables.

Excel Web has improved its PivotTables and PivotCharts. You can now sort the rows and columns in more than ascending or descending order.

  • Sort by dragging:

Bar chart types. You can drag multiple rows.

  • Sort by right-click menu:

This is useful if you are analyzing data.

Automatic recalculation improvement (Insiders).

This new feature reduces the chance of slow performance and only recalculates the active workbook and any interdependent workbooks.

Enhanced security to prevent the use of untrusted XLL Add-Ins (Insiders).

The Block untrusted XLL Add-Ins (Insiders) feature helps keep your worksheets safe. It protects them from any bad things that might come through an XLL add-in.

March Microsoft Excel New Features

Excel added new features to improve your experience using our web service.

You can speed up large workbooks with the following:

  • Check Performance

  • Formula Argument Assistance to insert

  • Drag & Drop in Queries Pane

Windows users also have a new Excel feature that can block untrusted XLL Add-Ins. Moreover, Windows or Mac users can assign tasks and mention people in the task.

Check performance in the review tab.

Excel includes check performance

Excel can help make sure your workbook functions smoothly by identifying cells that slow down its performance. If it finds any, it will suggest using the "Check Performance" feature to fix them.

Formula argument assistance.

You can also use the formula argument in the formula bar

The Argument Assistance card is a tool that will help when writing a formula. When you use this feature, looking for help from outside sources is unnecessary.

The Argument Assistance card makes it easier and stops mistakes from happening.

Drag & drop in the queries pane.

Power Queries pane search bar for other dynamic arrays.

The Drag & Drop feature in the Queries pane enables you to organize your queries better. Drag & drop allows you to quickly sort or transfer them to other folders.

Assign a task with @mentions.

This is useful for if you have an Excel team.

The Assign a Task feature supports better collaboration. It lets you mention someone in the comments, allowing you to provide feedback on any entry.

You can use it in Excel and Word documents.

Final Thoughts on New Excel Features 2023

Microsoft Excel 2023's new features can help businesses save time and effort managing data. All the while, they let you maintain accuracy.

Besides, the new features are user-friendly and can be customized to suit each business's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on New Excel Features 2023

How does the new IMAGE function work in my worksheet?

Excel's IMAGE function allows inserting pictures into cells using a URL. Moreover, it supports the following image formats: BMP, JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO, and WEBP.

Is map charts available in Excel 2023 web version?

Yes. Map charts are available on Windows, Mac, and Web 2019 versions of Excel.

How do I generate a shareable link for my Excel table?

You can generate a shareable link for your Excel table by opening the table option via right-click context menu.

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